About AG

AG Transnational, Ltd. (AGT) is a leader in international life insurance solutions, and no one has operated in the market longer. In our consulting capacity, we’ve helped some of the largest carriers get started in the international markets. On the distribution side, we’ve developed international insurance programs for some of the world’s largest banks and insurance brokerage organizations.
AGT provides multiple services to the international insurance / financial services industry for the high net-worth “world citizen,” private banking type of client.  AGT is a consulting company to insurance carriers, banks, and warehouses to help them develop and capitalize on opportunities involved with international offshore life insurance solutions.  AGT is also a wholesale distributor of international insurance products for many carriers to various distribution channels, including banks, insurance brokerage organizations, etc.
We have been dedicated to this market since the mid 1980's.  Principals of our company have formed international life insurance companies from Europe to Asia, including one of the first offshore insurance companies in Luxembourg to serve the needs of “world citizens,” which is now part of a major international carrier.
AGT works with some of the world's largest financial institutions, including several of the ten largest global banks and insurance brokerage organizations. We provide international insurance training, marketing, case design, implementation and administrative support, and post-issue services to assist them with their clients across the globe. The international markets are greatly impacted by Regulatory, Compliance, KYC, AML, and Tax issues in whatever countries might be involved in a particular case.   AGT maintains legal relationships with offices around the world to stay current and provide the appropriate support to its clients.   
No other organization operates in these markets quite like AGT or can provide the scope of services and support.

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