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Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning; whether its used for basic family protection, business protection, tax planning or investment purposes.

Life insurance is the basic security net and is the only product that will guarantee to pay the desired funds exactly when needed in a very tax efficient manner.

It can provide guaranteed income replacement, as well as cash values that can be used for retirement planning, funding education, or simply provide a guaranteed reserve for liquidity that may be needed at in-opportune times for liquidating assets.

Life insurance can also be used for investment purposes, where minimum mortality policies, traditional UL, VUL, or Private Placement plans can be used to provide tax-free accumulation.


For Pre-immigration planning, particularly for individuals becoming residents of countries that tax worldwide income (including U.S. Green Card holders, regardless of physical residence), assets can be put inside a compliant insurance product to allow for tax free accumulation.

Further, life insurance can be utilized to pay potential estate / inheritance taxes in a very cost effective manner.

From a Wealth Transfer standpoint, there is no better vehicle to effectively transfer assets than Life Insurance.

It does so in the most tax favored manner possible, while paying pennies on the dollar for the actual amount transferred.





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